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Frequently asked questions

 There is no such thing as a silly question.
If you don't ask, you will never know!
  1. Q

    Do I need to have a full licence?


    Yes. As you will be riding your bike under your own licence with your own insurance. However I am more than happy to take you if you have just passed you test. These trips can be catered to your skill level, with hints and tips to help you expand your knowledge and skill base.
  2. Q

    I'm worried I won't be able to keep up, or will slow the group down!


    Don't worry. We always ride to the speed of the slowest rider. I have a system that allows more experienced riders to ride at their pace where appropriate. At all times you ride your bike to your ability and never beyond.
  3. Q

    What size bike do I need?


    I've had everything from twist & go scooters to race bikes. We only ride for a couple of hours at the most before having a break, and we can normally stop at any time.
  4. Q

    I don't have a Sat Nav?


    You don't need one. I sort out all the navigation and keep us on the right roads. Once on a nice stretch I let you go in front to 'play'
  5. Q

    How much do I need to bring?


    A change of underwear and a toothbrush. If we are going abroad don't forget your passport! We stay at the same accommodation every night, so once there you can unload the bike for the rest of the trip. In fairness, providing you have a top box or a rucksack you should be able to take enough. Mobile phone/camera is generally desired.
  6. Q

    What if I break down?


    I bring a comprehensive tool kit and we are never normally a million miles from a garage of some description. As with any bike riding, having some sort of recovery is strongly recommended
  7. Q

    How should I prepare my bike?


    Check tyre pressures and condition. Look for manufactures recommendations for tyres pressures and suspension setting with luggage. Don't forget if you are bring a pillion to compensate for that as well. Again I can help you are not sure. Check all oil, water and electric's. I try to avoid riding at night, but just occasionally we have been delayed and it has been necessary. If we are going abroad, you will need all your doc's (plus I recommend copies) a high viz jacket, I recommend taking spare bulbs.
  8. Q

    What documents do I need for abroad?


    Driving licence, insurance (check that you are covered for the country we are going to) V5 (log book) EHIC (EU medical card) I also recommend breakdown cover and if you have personal medial cover paperwork. Plus photocopies of all the above (both sides). I personally leave a copy at home as well.